Why choose 480 Energy?

Navigating today’s deregulated electricity market can be confusing and time consuming. 480 Energy will help you find the best contract and rate to meet your needs.

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More than an electricity contract.

480 Energy provides more services than just negotiating electricity contracts. We offer assistance with numerous energy related issues.

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Who is 480 Energy?

David Bane, President of 480 Energy, has spent many years in the electricity industry. He is passionate about customer service and is committed to finding your company the best energy pricing and providing services beyond contract negotiations.

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Your Energy Partner


480 Energy offers over thirty years of experience in the Texas electricity industry. Our comprehensive knowledge of the wholesale/retail electricity markets, regulated tariffs, and generation/distribution systems, will be used to your advantage to gain the best solutions for power procurement, improving energy efficiencies, and client care.

The 480 Energy Difference

What sets 480 Energy apart from other energy consultants? Unlike typical door-to-door or telesales "energy experts," 480 Energy possess a unique insight into the energy purchasing process that others simply cannot provide. We have developed proven energy procurement and management strategies since the deregulation of the Texas electricity market. We have NO exclusive agreements with any retail energy providers (REP’s). We work exclusively for your best interest. We obtain the best possible price and contract for each client – according to their strategy and risks they choose to take or NOT to take.

By completing this Letter of Authorization and Letter of Agency and faxing it back, we will start working for you immediately and simplify this part of your business! Scan or fax to (254) 772‑6502 or call David and he’ll pick it up from you in person.